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These terms and conditions describe your rights and obligations in connection with your receipt and the use of the

services provided by SherronYoung.Com in connection with your subscription.

Please read the terms carefully as they affect your legal rights.

Any amendments to these guidelines will be published to our subscribed clients.



Take a moment to Carefully Review the quote and advise if there are any updates to be made.

for example: paper + material type + size  + quantity

If you wish to proceed with your order

you may respond to your quote via email with: "I approve". Please Proceed with printing.



Average turnaround is 1-2 business days unless otherwise stated.

Same day turnaround time is available at an additional cost.

Please note that our services and prices are subject to change without prior notice.

All materials and designs remain the property of the SherronYoung.Com until paid for in full.

Your approval of this quote is permission for us to enter the
premises to remove anything not paid for within 15 days of delivery or installation.

Unless otherwise notified in writing you agree that SherronYoung.Com

can use your signs and images as promotional material to advertise the firm and it's work.

Special orders cannot be cancelled or returned.

Payments are due at time of invoicing, no statements are issued.

Outstanding accounts are forwarded for collection and you agree to pay all legal and collections costs.


Sherron Young.Com executes graphic work using the content provided by the client.

In most cases this content is sent by email and is lifted verbatim into the collateral. 

The client is responsible for proofing their design before publishing it. Sherron Young.Com will

not be held liable for the publishing of any graphic design project that is presented to a public with typos or grammatical errors.

       Cancellations & Approvals will not be accepted via phone, they must be provided ia email.


Please note that our a la carte' graphic design charges are billed at an hourly rate.

Please be advised that orders that have already been approved by the client

will incur additional charges for any edits thereafter.

Design charges do not include customer ownership of the master graphic file.

Additional rates apply for design file release to customer for ownership. Production time begins
only after artwork approval. Jobs will not be released until full payment is made. All installations must be paid in full before arrival to
the site. Installations are scheduled only after payment is made. 90 Day In House Warranty for parts and labor, plus the applicable
manufacturers warranty. Some limitations do apply. Purchaser agrees to the specified terms of payment. No refunds will be given.
DPS may tag the product with our logo in the bottom right corner. If the logo

should not be placed on your product, please instruct the sales person.


As we are an organization primarily operating through email, it is imperative that our clients assign

a delegate who is able to articulate and comprehend well via email communication.

We also strongly encourage excellent record keeping and management of your emails from us as graphic files

are deleted once projects are completed to preserve space with the exception of your logo which will be used often.



A Work Group is typically created for unified communication & impulse questions that may be asked on

Social Pages, the sharing of photos before posting etc. While this is a tool we have implemented to

be able to outfit services quickly for both you and your clients,

it is not a platform we use beyond 5pm Monday through Friday.

Messages that are sent after these hours are responded to on the next business day at 9:00am.

Further, although this platform is dedicated to questions, concerns, strategy etc. IT IS NOT the approved platform for the submission of requests or needs. As requests have to be lifted from the Whatsapp/ Facebook platform and transcribed for our team and likewise may be forgotten or overlooked within these domains, we urge all clients to use them solely for their intended purposes. SherronYoung.Com will not be held liable for any oversight or misinterpretation of your requests or their timeline if they are not forwarded through the proper channel (email).


Full or partial payment is required before services are rendered.

Based on the item or plan selected, payment is due in part or whole.

You agree to be bound by the terms affixed to the item selected.

Custom pricing can change without notice.

Vat is taken at a rate of 12%

Deposits are not refunded. 

Cancelled jobs do not qualify for a refund

Please note that we do not provide refunds.

Once a payment is received, you may use the funds as a credit towards an alternate service.

All quotes are valid for 30 days only. Refunds or cancellations are not permitted post

the client's declaration of completion has been received.

Should there be a need to change prices, we will notify our subscribed clientele of this change.

. Fees are non-transferrable and services provided by SherronYoung.Com cannot be used to outfit the needs

of any company or sister company affiliated with, other than the disclosed company bound by the agreement and its branches should there be any. The need for SherronYoung.Com services for any other brand will require a subscription specific to that brand or entity and the outfitting therefore of a similar agreement and payment model.

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